5 Reasons Our Burgers Beat the Standard

The burger is a classic and beloved food in our culture and because of that there’s no shortage of places to find this delightful dish. As a restaurant specializing in this iconic dish, we understand the love and appreciation for this American classic better than most. Not only do we love eating our fair share of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, but we especially love creating them.

While the humble hamburger classically consists of just a few ingredients - buns, ground meat and traditional toppings, we don’t stop there. Not only do we add on to these classic ingredients to create unique and delicious combinations to entice all palettes, but we believe in using the best ingredients, techniques, and processes to make our burgers the best. While this classic American dish may not be hard to find, it isn’t so easy to find options going beyond the standard. That is unless you come to Bohemian Bull where you can easily find burgers that beat the standard. Keep reading for just some of the reasons our burgers are tough to beat.

1. It starts with the quality of meat

Ground meat is and should be the star of any great burger which is why we don’t use just any kind of meat in ours. Classic burgers use ground beef, but we take it a step further and use Certified Angus beef. If you’re into meat like we are, then you’ve probably heard of Black Angus or Angus beef before, but you may not know exactly what it is or what kind of beef qualifies as Angus.

Angus is a type of cattle breed that originated in Scotland in the mid-19th century. In fact, it is believed that almost all the Black Angus cattle we have today came from these cows. During the late 1800s some of these cattle were brought over to the United States, bringing us Black Angus beef. Black Angus, or simply Angus, is a black-hided, hornless breed. Angus beef is one of the preferred types of beef in the United States today partly since it has better marbling than other types of cattle. Why does that matter? Marbling is a characteristic that makes beef more flavorful, tender, and juicy, even when cooked at higher temperatures, making it a tasty choice for burgers. In fact, not only do we use Angus beef for our burgers, but we use Certified Angus Beef, meaning it has passed rigorous quality standards guaranteeing its premium quality and taste.


2. The perfect mixture

Now that you know what kind of meat we’re working with, another thing that makes our burgers stand out is the different cuts that go into our burgers. We use a blend of brisket and chuck in our burgers to achieve optimal flavor. The brisket is a cut of beef that’s taken from the lower breast of a cow. Brisket offers amazing flavor and a great ratio of lean-to-fat, something that’s important for burgers.

We also use beef chuck in our burgers, which is taken from the front of the cow, specifically parts of the neck, shoulder blade and upper arm. Both the chuck and brisket are commonly worked areas of the cow, so grinding these meats up breaks down all the connective tissue, resulting in a perfect ratio of lean-to-fat, juicy texture and signature beefy flavor.


3. Always freshly ground

To bring our Certified Angus beef chuck and brisket together harmoniously we grind it all fresh in house, daily. Sure, we could make the process a lot simpler by just buying ground chuck and brisket, but the extra work goes a long way in producing the ideal flavor and texture in our burgers. Just like your local butcher, we grind our own meat daily to create our signature burgers. Also just like your local butcher, we know that taking this extra step ensures our beef always tastes fresh and retains all its delicious, beefy flavor. We also use a coarse grind to create the perfect, meaty texture for your burger. Too fine of a grind can result in a mushy, dense burger and who wants that?


4. How we cook it

Having high quality, freshly ground meat doesn’t mean much if your burgers aren’t cooked correctly. While some restaurants precook their burgers to medium rare to save time during busy services, we cook all our burgers fresh to order to ensure they stay juicy and flavorful. We also use a flat top grill to cook our burgers versus an open flame charcoal grill. Using a flat top grill helps seal in the moisture of our burgers, while evenly cooking them with precise heat. But maybe the most important reason we use a flat top is the Maillard reaction which is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned meats their distinctive flavor.


5. Top-tier toppings

No burger is complete without a few toppings. We use the freshest toppings, and we offer a wide variety of toppings so you can keep it classic or try something new. One of our most popular burgers, the Truffle Burger, uses premium truffle oil from New York City to create an addictive and unique flavor. If you’ve never tried truffle oil before, it is a culinary treat that combines truffle with oil, usually olive oil. While it sounds simple, truffles can produce highly complex flavors and aromas that can take any dish up a level. A truffle is like a mushroom, but only grows underground beneath particular trees. If truffles aren’t your thing, we also have our most popular burger, the Bacon Cheeseburger. If you like well executed classics then this one is for you since it combines the ingredients of the classic cheeseburger with savory, crispy bacon.

Whether you like your burgers simple with lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup or you’re an adventure-seeker willing to try anything from smoked Gouda to bacon jam or guacamole on your burger, we have something for you. Our premium meat, careful preparation and quality ingredients produce a burger that’s hard to beat but oh-so-easy to eat.

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